Cannot provide a value for property 'ContextMenuService'

Since the latest update, I am getting a new error:

System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot provide a value for property 'ContextMenuService' on type 'MyProj.Pages.PrintEmergencyContactForms'. There is no registered service of type 'Radzen.ContextMenuService'.

I have no idea as to why I need the context menu service in my code but is sounds like a great feature. Unfortunately it broke my code. Any ideas as to how I can fix this?

You may consider checking the ContextMenu documentation :slight_smile:

Nice! But I didn't even try to implement conetx menus.
Adding services.AddScoped<Radzen.ContextMenuService>(); to the startup fixed my issue which was not an issue before the update.

@simon ContextMenuService is automatically registered by Radzen in your Startup class:

... unless you've added Startup.cs to your application ignore list.

I only have _Host.cshtml in my ignore (wish I didn't need to) and the service was not registered automatically. At least I have a workaround but somethng odd has gone down to cause this.