Cannot connect to Blazor rendering server

While using the Radzen IDE (registered version) and editing controls, I currently get this annoying message quite regularly:

"Cannot connect to Blazor rendering server. Try loading a different page or restarting Radzen."

Switching to a different page doesn't help. But after restarting Radzen IDE, the error doesn't show for some time. But it happens again after using Radzen IDE for a longer time and especially occurs when I'm opening complex pages or switching tabs in the tab-control with complex contents.

Hi @MrDoe,

You can send us your project to and we will troubleshoot the problem. Let us know which pages cause the problem to appear.

I'm sorry, my company doesn't allow to share the source code with external companies. But I can build an example application for you.

Whatever works for you. We just need to reproduce it in order to investigate what the problem is.