Cannot change FONT size of RadzenDatePicker

I am trying to change the RadzenDatePicker font to a smaller size from 40px to 30px, however, the design was not changing it. Appreciate any help. Thank you.



Hi @jcostin,

The Height you are changing is related to the overall component height, not the font-size. Make sure you update the rest of the size related options like padding, font size and line-height (under Typography) accordingly:

Update: While the above-mentioned approach works with inputs and dropdowns, it is currently still not applicable to all forms components. For RadzenDatePicker you can use CSS variables to update the font-size, e.g:

.rz-calendar {
    --rz-input-height: 30px;
    --rz-input-font-size: 12px;
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Thanks a lot. The added entry to the CSS is perfect.
Appreciate it.