Can tables (Parent/Child relationships) be created?

Hello! Coming from Lightswitch, one of the things that I really loved was the ability to create tables w/in the tooling. Often times I wasn’t 100% sure of the relationships until I started stubbing them out in LS.

Can this be done in Radzen? Can I create a Parent table then define its Child tables? So far, all I see are ways to connect to existing data…


Hi @ihayes916,

At the moment Radzen can only connect to existing data. We have database designer in our list however we will unable to deliver it in the next 3-4 months because of our current roadmap.

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I use Xcase ( to design/modify my database, then re-infer the schema in Radzen… This is also the tool I used with Lightswitch,… It’s a powerful combination of tools. Just a thought for all it’s worth…

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Thank you for the reply…glad to know I’m not crazy! :slight_smile:

woah…very cool!!! This is the next thing I was going to start looking for! I’d hardly call all of this RAD (Rapid Application Development) if I have to manually do all this database stuff. :wink: I’ll definitely take a look!