Can RadzenTabs `private List<RadzenTabsItem> tabs` have a public read accessor?

Hi there, this is my use-case:

My RadzenTabs has a dynamic amount of tabs and added during runtime based on conditions.

Based on user-actions I sometimes want to programmatically set the selected tab to a specific one. I'm doing that by updating the SelectedIndex (If there's a better way to do this, lemme know :slight_smile: )

So anyways, it's rather complicated to find the correct tab to select by index alone. RadzenTabs.Tabs (capitalized) is just returning a RenderFragment, so that seems kinda useless to access them programmatically, but RadzenTabs.tabs (lowercase) is returning the actual tab classes.

Through this property I'm able to determine by name in which index location a certain tab is, and change the selected index to the correct.

An alternative would be to have method that lets me set the selected tab index by title

Hi @RonSijm,

We don't want to make that collection public as people will try to add / remove items to it and expect the tabs to update (they won't). I would recommend to keep a separate collection of tab texts which would allow you to find a tab's index quickly.