Can not create and run app

i have not been able to really use the blazor studio much. i used it as i can but it seems to have many bugs.

here is one example:

my pc can build a dot net app with visual studio just fine.

i can use RadZen (the older code generator) to create a new app and that will build and run.

if i try to create a new app from blazor studio it tries to get nuget packages from a private azure feed that my company has and then crashes the build.

so visual studio does not have a problem and the old Radzen tool does not have a problem but the new studio is doing something different about nuget repos that breaks the build.
i have also seen the failure to build happen.
and i have also seen property settings on pages not beeing saved.

i am sure there is a nuget setting that i can fix if i can figure out where it is doing this but...
why does the older RadZen app work ? what is it doing different then the new studio app ??

Hi @figuerres,

Radzen Blazor Studio uses the exact same code to run an application as Radzen - it is dotnet run. We don't know why it doesn't work on your machine but having a third party nuget repository as the default would definitely be a problem. You can try to move it down the hierarchy in the nuget configuration.

well here is my global nuget config that has no referecne to the repo :slight_smile:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> also visual studio does not show any other sources.

can you offer me any ideas about where i can look ? i am searching my pc for any other NuGet.Config files.... i am not finding any other locations....
and as i said the BlazorStudio app is the only place this problem happens.
so there must be somehting it does that is not the same as the rest of my development apps.

also here is the output from the dotnet command:
PS C:\Users\denny.figuerres\source\repos> dotnet nuget list source
Registered Sources:

  1. [Enabled]
  2. Microsoft Visual Studio Offline Packages [Enabled]
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\NuGetPackages
    PS C:\Users\denny.figuerres\source\repos>

the location that is a problem is not listed there also...


after hours of searching and clearing up old temp folders and such i located a second nuget config file that was doing the damage to radzen!!! what a pain but i am glad that i have now cleaned out all kinds of old files .....

I am afraid we are no nuget experts and don't know the ins and outs of it. All we know is that the wrong nuget source will mess up the dotnet CLI and and Radzen Blazor Studio as a result. Visual Studio doesn't use dotnet as far as we know so it probably won't have a problem.

thanks for at least trying to help.

i hate to even ask as soo often its my problem in the end.

but for a while i was really lost with how it was only happening one way..... very strange.