Can menu items be retrieved from database?

It seems that the attributes of the menu items of the project are not stored in the database, as we can see from RadzenPanelMenu shown in MainLayout.razor file, so it is inconvenient for us to retrieve those menu items.

Is there any way for us to get the menu items from the database, so we can customize our menu design easily?

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Hi @johnson,

At the moment no Radzen component properties are stored in a database. You can customize the menu contents via the Radzen designer. This help topic shows how.

Changing the Menu programmatically is a really great feature. Perhaps you can put this on the Roadmap for Radzen Blazor?


@Thomas you can do that now with custom code. Check the implementation in the blazor online demos.

In Radzen you can use the code generation ignore list to override any file from the application.

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Hi @korchev,
Great! I will investigate this.

thank you!

Hi @korchev

Thank you very much for your quick response.

Thanks for your quick response.

Actually, we are now seriously looking for a rapid development framework since we need to impement some MES projects in the near future. One of the most important concerns for this framework is automatic code generation. But it seems it is not easy to do this, especially when we need some important modules to be able to clone the codes (such as CRUD, process workflow, etc). Not sure whether you would consider development of such a framework?

@johnson I am not sure what you mean. All Radzen does is to automatically generate code :slight_smile:

@korchev automatic code generation means that the code can be automatically generated from a template by your app. Therefore, we need to be able to see the template first (or demo module), then we are able to configure this template by changing some parameters at different steps (or customize the template to satisfy our own needs). Finally, the code can be automatically created (so the original source code will be updated automatically, by adding this generated new source code) .

I know your app is able to generate CRUD codes automatically, but can your app is able to generate a workflow process as well?

No, Radzen doesn't have built-in workflow support. Custom business logic is implemented via custom code.