Can I mass delete pages?

As a newbie, I Inferred my entire db, and all fields. What a mess. Didn't realize I could select only a few tables, and specify columns.
So is there a way to delete hundreds of pages quickly?
I went back and created more pages for just the tables I needed, but now they're mixed in with the original 300 pages.
Should I just trash this and start over?
I don't see a way to delete pages except slowly 1 by 1.

Hi @Jaymer,

You cannot delete multiple pages at the moment however you can recreate the entire app very quickly. We will do our best to provide multiple pages delete in one of the next versions.

Using the latest version you can delete all pages in the application using the delete button above the page list.

ok, AWESOME that in 1 day, you've added this - and I can d/l, install and instantly have the new version with no pain is fantastic.
I was already going to comment that I'm impressed with what I've read on the forum on how quickly you guys implement things/fix bugs.
jolly good

now the bad...
I misread the post.
What I needed was a way to delete multiple pages... not delete ALL pages. While that was useful in my case (cause I really didn't want to go reselect tables and fields from my db) because I had hundreds of extra pages, I selected a Page and then the trashcan and everything was gone - including pages I wanted to keep :frowning:

So, a suggestion...
as you tweak this functionality, I think it should be altered to "Delete Multiple Pages" and allow me to mark multiple (with ctrl-click, shift-click, etc.).

Delete All is dangerous - and not used that often I would imagine. It helped me this one time, but I think AN ADDITIONAL dialog box would be warranted - because pressing Enter in a hurry and your Application has instantly been wiped out.

Keep up the good work
Jaymer - Covad-19 Free in Tampa Bay

PS _ Another suggestion since you seem to have some free time - when adding a new page, the 3rd modal screen, add fields, sure could benefit from a "taller" form - I only see 3 fields. Would be nice if I could resize that and drag to make taller to see lots of fields so I can visualize my form - and along with that, select/unselect all fields with 1 click.

Yep, the button will delete all pages as I've posted in my previous reply - we will improve it with delete selected pages only in some of our next versions. We will do our best to improve columns/properties selection as well.