Can I create api and view project

Is it possible to produce an API on Radzen? I am planning to create an Admin Website for managing records in Radzenand extend some functionalities using Flutter to access the data being accessed also by Radzen. In short File and Data entry is done in Radzen app and the records will be accessed by a Flutter Application for mobile devices. Thanks!

Yes, Radzen creates an OData API for all database data sources. Those can be accessed via HTTP.

Are there any examples

Examples of what? Radzen creates the OData API for every WebAssembly application. The REST API is available at /odata/<data-source-name>/<table-name> e.g. /odata/Northwind/Products

Ok thank you, there is another issue of identity authentication, how does flutter access the protected resources, are there any examples of related projects?

No, we don't have examples with flutter.