Calendar-control not interpreting datetime right

My scheduler-component renders my times wrong.
MS-SQL-Db Datatype: datetime
Example result in json-object: 2018-11-27T00:00:00Z
Interpretation in the calendar-component: 12a

Is that some AM/PM interpretation?
The date gets interpreted right though.

12a represents the start time of the event, i.e. "12 am" - you can hide it with simple css in client/src/styles.css:

  display : none !important;

Thanks. Do you know a way to render it in 24h format?

Not in the current official version however we've just added new property called timeFormat and it will be available with next release Monday:

Version 2.12.0 does include this property.
I have set it to


But it still shows up like in the screenshot of my first post.


Can you try H(:mm) like the screenshot I've posted in my previous reply? More info can be found here:


Nope, the format doesn't change at all, I just wrote 'fasdf' into the field, just for the sake of it, no warning/error in the console, nothing, just '12a'.

Here is how it looks on my end:

You can show minutes explicitly also like this: H:mm

@Moo There is a chance you are still using the older version. Make sure there isn't a client\node_modules directory in your app. If there is - delete it.

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Oh, thanks, that was it!