Calculated field display in edit-page


I have created a calculated field ("DifferenzTage") in C# code...and I can display this field as a column in the grid of a page setting the Property to "DifferenzTage"


But I can not display this calculated field in a textbox in a edit-page, the value shown in textbox is always 0.

I have set the value property of the textbox to ${slkorrektur1.DifferenzTage}


Is it possible to display a calculated field in edit-page ?

Hi @Heinz,

Usually calculated fields are read-only and for display purposes. Why do you need to edit this calculated field? How you are going to submit it to the database?

Best Regards,

I would like to display this field as information for the user in that edit page (not for edit and save to the database).
But this is not super important, if there is an easy how to do it then it would be nice.