Button with Badge

Hello Radzen Team,
how can i define a button with a bagde in the Designer?
And if not in the Designer... how can i add a Badge to a Button anyway?
I cant find an Example for this...


Hi @Thomas,

At the moment this is not possible using the designer. We will do our best to provide such functionality with our next update.

Hi @enchev,
Great! Thank you very much!


Hi @enchev ,
is it possible to define a badge in/on the button in the new radzen version 2.62.0?
I saw " * (Blazor) Button Template/ChildContent design-time support added.".
But this does not work as expected. When i define a template the defined icon/image disappears from the Button...


This is by design. The template of the the button will overwrite the entire content including the specified image, icon and text: