Button Style Request


For styling purposes, I would like to be able to add a button to a datagrid without it inflating the height of the row. Currently, even if I make the button size small with 0px padding and 0px margin on all sides the button size makes the row taller than I feel is necessary.

The way the button looks when viewing in the column template also does not match the way it appears when the application is running. I am currently using humanistic theme.

In template:


Out of template:


Row height without button:


Row height with button:


Prior to the most recent updates, I was able to create a medium size button with 0px padding to have a larger icon without inflating the row height in the Standard theme but that no longer works.

I really enjoy the icons and buttons but would like a way to use them while maintaining default row height to save screen space if possible.



Hey Zach,

Thanks for the feedback! You can use min-height to reduce the height of the button. Here is an explanation why min-height.

In addition, with the upcoming Radzen release we are introducing ExtraSmall button (see Button Sizes) and DataGrid Density to achieve even smaller than the default row height.

Thank you @yordanov, that sounds perfect.