Busy Indicator for Blazor (Serverside)

With reference to this question:

Busy indicator - Radzen IDE (Angular) - Radzen

Is this property also available in the RadzenGrid component on the Server side?

My IDE flags it as an error, and pressing F12 I cannot see it defined in the class definition anywhere.

If it is not implemented in the blazor component, then what's the best way to provide a loading indicator in a blazor radzen grid?

Hi @shawty,

You can use IsLoading property of our new component RadzenDataGrid. I’ve just noticed that the property is not exposed in Radzen property grid however it will be in our next update early next week - in the meantime you can set it using Attributes. Please take a note that IsLoading will require binding using LoadData event and will not work automatically with IQueryable binding.

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Ok thanks enchev,

the reason I asked is because my VS and Rider IDE's both flag it as not being there, even though I just updated to the latest Radzen.Blazor version this morning.

It’s on our new DataGrid component - RadzenDataGrid. We’ve just published also update of Radzen with IsLoading property exposed.

It is also worth mentioning that the RadzenDataGrid itself does not set the IsLoading property. When it is set by the developer the RadzenDataGrid displays a built-in loading indicator. This is visible on this demo: https://blazor.radzen.com/datagrid-odata

You seem to need something else considering the latest code that you have provided - some indication of when the DataGrid fetches data. This isn't provided as a built-in feature. You could probably simulate it by using the LoadData event.

Hi Korchev,

It's quite simple what I'm trying to achieve, basically a loading indicator that appears before and during the data load, then disappears and reveals the grid once the load has finished.

I apologise I didn't notice the Subtle renaming "RadzenGrid" vs "RadzenDataGrid" :slight_smile: I'll take a look at the new one.

For the time being though (After todays sprint anyway) I've now come up with a work around. It's a lot more mark-up and code, but it handles the case quite succinctly.

@shawty: Did you know about this answer? For me the Task.Run(...) was the part I am missing to enable the IsLoaded-feature in our current project

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I didn't know about that no, thanks.

I'll have to grab ED and have a chat with him.