Bulding Cascading Drop downs for Country,State,City

Are there any article/link/sample on how to build Cascading Drop Down for Country,State,City or Car,Make & Model ?
I want whenver country selection is chnaged the List of states to be fecthed via remote api call, same with city, when state is changed make a remote api call to get list of cities for the selected States.

Is it possible to do that ?

You can check this demo:

Two things here.
First the change event only give new value, is there a way to get the full object that is bound to dropdown ?
Secondly i am using in this in blazor WebAssembly, so the sample will not work as it has to make API call instead of directly filtering.

You can check also this article:

If you replace the DataGrid with DropDown and add third DropDown similar to the second you will get three cascading drop downs. The query builder will work for both WebAssembly and server-side Blazor - you can check the generated code for reference.

Dear nss,

Kindly find below the link to a tutorial I just did on cascading dropdowns.