Built-in option for some Captcha Like Extra "security"

Hi Team,

Don't know where this Topic should fall into so i wrote it up here.

My following request is:

  • Could Radzen include an Option to Activate a Captcha (like) added protection along with the existing LOGIN feature it already offers ?
    (*so that if some Web Designers do not want to activate it, they migh proceed only with the User/PW 2 fields access only.)

With the increasing Gov. pressure to apply RGDP upon website owners responsibility - and although the Captcha feature is sometime described by few as an outdated security measure against Login attack. - I would feel much more confident in publishing a Data website that not only display a Login and a PW fields...with no added protection beside.

(things like...Are you a Human Yes/No ?
Captcha : x5Ef4g... etc..)

According to what I can read on some topic in this forum the Login feature - as it was described - still had some small setup problem...but beside those, I don t feel confident enough to look at my client - or a court judge - in the eyes saying :wink:
My Website Login Page was safe and secure as much as able to be...
Though nothing is 100% secures nowhere anyway..)

Anything you can suggest... about adding this out of the box to Radzen, next ?
Sorry if I ve missed a Tuto/Doc about that,
Thanks, Terii

Thanks! We logged your request!

Could you provide a code sample/link for implementing CAPTCHA as above in login page.
Thanks !

I found the following resources online:

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