Bugs on Edit page because of Case sensitive

C:\TempDevs\Demo\Bestapp\server\Pages\EditCatFixedAssetGroup.razor.designer.cs(157,13): error CS0103: The name 'bestdata' does not exist in the current context
Should be "Bestdata" but not "bestdata" in the code:
protected BestdataService Bestdata { get; set; }

Hi @Dau_Duc_Hai,

The provided data is not sufficient to determine the cause of the problem.

in Edit page (EditCatFixedAssetGroup.razor.designer.cs)

code generated shows the bugs (in visual studio)
the code should be [Bestdata.Reset()] "B" in upper case

I can't reproduce this problem locally for some reason. What is the name of that data source? Is it "Bestdata" or "bestdata" (in the Radzen Data Source settings screen):

The name of data source in my application is "bestdata";
(I think if name of data source was "Bestdata" then should not have problem. This happen after verion 2.56.12 I think)