Bug with reordering columns in datagrid in Radzen.Blazor version later than 3.14.2?


Me and my colleague have had som problems with the drag and drop functionality on columns in datagrids after updating to later versions than 3.14.2. Is this a known issue or are we missing something?
When using 3.14.2 and previous versions the component works as expected.

Best regards, Rikard

Hi @RIProG,

I'm unable to reproduce any problems on our demo:

Hmm... strange. I wonder what the issue might be for us then, I guess it has got to be some update of some of the components we are using.

Another thing we noticed is that when trying to check the box for columnpicker which was recently added, Radzen crashes and when starting it up again the page is broken (so we have to undo changes in VS to get the page to work in Radzen again).

This also works for me:

If you have active Radzen subscription you can contact us at info@radzen.com with more info about your project.

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Maybe this has something to do with using .NET 3.1? We will contact you if we can't resolve it a bit further on.

Here is the same with .NET 3.1: