Bug report: When FilterTemplate is used on a property in a RadzenDataFilter, all filters on the property end up sharing the same filter value

Step to reproduce

  1. Go to DataFilter > IQueryable demo @ Blazor data filter component
  2. Create the first filter as: Order ID contains 10248
  3. Create the second filter as: Order ID contains 10249

The first filter should remain unchanged as: Order ID contains 10248

The filter filter value is synced to the second filter value, and is changed to Order ID contains 10249

Looks like the filter value is shared across all filters applied to the same property (Order ID) when a custom FilterTemplate is defined for the property. The desired behaviour is that the filter value should not be shared.

Thanks for looking into this!

This is how the example is made - same IEnumerable field is used:

Feel free to adapt our demo in the way you need.

@enchev, thank your for the reply.

Is there any example that demonstrates how to prevent the sharing of the bind-value (filter value) when a FilterTemplate is used, so that we could accomplish the same behaviour when no FilterTemplate is used? Thanks!