[Bug report] Solution and project name change when name has dots


It seems that if I have a name like Goat.Project for my app, Radzen generates Project.sln and Project.csproj instead of Goat.Project.sln and Goat.Project.csproj. Could you please verify that?

Not sure how you've managed to create an app with dot in the name:

Tampered with the app.json and modified the name!

I’m afraid that this is not the correct way to name your application and might lead to unpredictable results.

Dot syntax styled names is one of the most common ways to identify apps and namespaces in C# and .NET. Maybe at least, you could anticipate such naming and correct this bug?

Hey @goatofrafin,

As I said in my previous reply naming your application with dots is forbidden. This is not a bug.