Bug: RadzenDropDownDataGrid reset to 1st page

I am using RadzenDropDownDataGrid in the modal pop up where the drop down will have 2 columns with filter associated and items per page is set to 5.

If the user wants to select the row without filtering, it is working as expected like whenever he wants, he made the change to the selection in whatever page he likes.

But, when we apply filter on the items listed in the grid for the dropdown, it is not working as expected.

When there are more than 5 items in the filtered list, pagination appears and if we click the second page, within fraction of seconds the rows in the grid reset to first page while pagination still shows it as 2nd page. (Pagination is correct but data do not belong to the page as it shows). And If I go to 3rd page, still it will reset to first page.

So the user unable to select the desired row which is in the other pages (2, 3, 4...)
As I said earlier, this happens only when the user has filtered data. With the raw data without filtering this is working fine.

As far as we know, we are using static values to populate the dropdown grid items.
Our basic syntax would look like as follows,

I was able to reproduce the problem and we will release fix for this issue before the end of the week!

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Thanks for the quick address. Please let me know when the fix made available

@enchev any update on this

Hey @arunkumar-subbiah,

The fix was released last week - feel free to use the latest version.

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Great, thanks. Will update and check from our end.