Bug - Opening dialogs from context menu causes issues to the RadzenPanelMenu

Hi team,

it seems that when I open a dialog from a context menu and I close it, I loose the information about the current page in the RadzenPanelMenu.

when I open it from a button the problem does not trigger.

Here some demonstration using an empty project.
from a simple button I open the dialog in the counter page:

When I close the dialog the RadzenPanelMenu shows as selected the counter page:

If I open the same dialog from a contex menu item:

after closing the dialog the RadzenPanelMenu looses the current counter page:

I try to attach the simple visual studio project with this example.
TestForRadzenMenuAndDialogs.zip (854.8 KB)

Thank you in advance for your help,


I think this could be a bug. In the visual studio example I have just included the Radzen library, changed the default menu and used the demo codes I found in the https://blazor.radzen.com/ pages.

When I call the function OnMenuItemClick something happens, because closing the dialog the RadzenPanelMenu loses the selection of the current page. Here how I open the Dialog:

@inject DialogService DialogService
@inject ContextMenuService ContextMenuService
void OnMenuItemClick(MenuItemEventArgs args)

void ShowContextMenuWithItems(MouseEventArgs args)
        new List<ContextMenuItem> {
            new ContextMenuItem(){ Text = "Open dialog", Value = 1 }
                             }, OnMenuItemClick);
void OpenMyDialog()
    DialogService.Open<Pages.TestDialogPage>("Test page",
                       new DialogOptions() { Width = "700px", Height = "430px" });

Thanks to anyone who has any advice