Bug? Inferring additional table not working

I'd like to report a Bug! (If this is not a bug, may be I am not following the best practice, kindly advise or share a link to any available documentation please)
I am using latest version of Radzen Blazor Studio.
Support at first 1 infer 10 tables from my Database, it works fine, it creates necessary "Service(s)" and "Controller" and updates mapping in "DbContext" etc. files correctly - No issues upto here.

Now if I need to add one more table (for valid reason, - like new feature / module developed at DB side and now that needs to be incorporated in UI) then I have 2 options.
(1) To Accept overwrite Page(s) ==> In Such case all the previous work on DBContext, Services, Controller getting lost and only the reference of this new table and its related services, Context, control etc. getting created and therefore it is completely stopping entire site operation.

(2) To Avoid Overwrite Pages ==> In this case although previous works on Context, Services, Controller is preserved but new table and its related functionalities are not created at all.

So how to really work on enhancing our model from 10 table to one additional now?

Here are the steps you should follow in such case:

  1. Add desired modifications to the database.

  2. Infer the database and overwrite existing files. Don't generate any CRUD pages.

If you need to add the fields to some pages - go update the pages. If the pages aren't modified - just regenerate them.

The important thing is to make sure all entities (tables, views and stored procedures) that you want inferred are checked. Not just the new ones. Radzen Blazor Studio will infer only the entities that you have checked. More info available here.

Here is an example:

In this configuration only the Orders and Products tables will be scaffolded. If we want to scaffold

as well the configuration should be this:

If it were this then OrderDetails would be scaffolded but the code for Orders and Products would have been removed.

Also a note about "Overwrite existing files". It should be disabled in extremely rare cases - only when you want to write all the new code yourself for some reason. In 99.9% of the cases it should be left in its default configuration (on).

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This (Keeping previously selected Tables, selected again) did the trick. Thanks @korchev
I was on the other hand presumed, that if I select "not to overwrite" it should then not disturb existing set up but in reality that's not the case.