Bug in DropDown with Multiple Selection

Hello Radzen Team!

I'm experiencing a persistent bug in the DropDown with Multiple Selection. It happens when all items are checked (e.g. Value contains all values from Data).
This can be done programatically when loading a page with all values selected, or manually by selecting each item until the "Check/Uncheck All" button is automatically selected. From this point forward, the first time you uncheck this button, nothing will happen visually nor logically.

Even tough it's a harmless bug, I'm requesting a fix because my clients are reporting unsecurities regarding the consistency of the data, since the DropDown mentioned is being used in a column filter.

I just noticed it does not occur in the Blazor Components example, but there are other noticeable bugs in the example. For instance, checking all items, then unchecking any item, and finally checking the all button. Instead of checking the first unchecked item, it unchecks everything.


We will do our best to fix this in our next update.

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The problem is fixed in just released update - you can get the latest Radzen.Blazor from NuGet:

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