BUG FocusAsync not working for RadzenNumeric<double?>

if (propertyType == typeof(double)){
<RadzenNumeric @ref=inputDoubleForFocus  Placeholder="@Localize["Edit"]" @bind-Value=@doubleValue TValue="double" />
 else if (propertyType == typeof(double?)){
<RadzenNumeric @ref=inputDoubleNullForFocus Placeholder="@Localize["Edit"]" @bind-Value=@doubleValueNullable TValue="double?" />
    private RadzenNumeric<double> inputDoubleForFocus;
    private RadzenNumeric<double?> inputDoubleNullForFocus;

    protected override async Task OnAfterRenderAsync(bool firstRender)
        if (firstRender)
            if (inputDoubleForFocus != null)
                await inputDoubleForFocus.FocusAsync();
            if(inputDoubleNullForFocus != null)
               await inputDoubleNullForFocus.Element.FocusAsync();

The focusAsync function is working for the RadzenNumeric input filled with a Double type. But it does not work if the value is a Nullable Double

You are using different code for focusing. Why? The second won't work as it would focus the wrapper <div> of the RadzenNumeric.