Breadcrumbs in main-layout?

I would like to show a breadcrumb bar in the header of the app.


Is this somehow possible?

I managed to read the needed breadcrumb name from this.route._routerState.snapshot.url but the main-layout does not updated while switching pages.

Can you send us a test app to (or attach it here) with the approach you have tried so far? Maybe we will find a way to make it appear in the layout.

I really only took what I could read in this.route._routerState.snapshot.url, replaced slashes and made the first char uppercase. Not really something I want to show.

I found another solution in between, I am not so proud of it but it works, I created a label on everyone of my pages and forced it with css fixed-position up there.

So just that I understand that better, is it possible to access elements in Layouts from within a Page?

You can define a ContentContainer component in the layout. Then you can drag components there in the page. Not ideal indeed when you have to do the same for every page. Will research the possibility of implementing a breadcrumb component as a built-in.