Blazor.webassembly.js error in Edge browser

I am experiencing an issue parsing the response from WebAssemblyRenderer, but only in the Edge browser as shown here

Reload appeared at the bottom of the Edge browser only, indicating some kind of issue, although Radzen output had no errors, and VS also compiled and ran without issues.

On other browsers such as brave or chrome, there were no issues. I wish to highlight again that this issue only appeared inside the Edge browser

The browsers and NuGet packages for the Radzen WASM app were updated except for AspNetCore.OData

Hi @margarito ,

I've just tried new WASM application on Edge and everything worked normally on my end:

The Edge browser parsing issue with my app has disappeared. This is what I had to do.

In VS, update AspNetCore.OData to 8.0.2. This will cause alot of errors in the controllers. Correcting them is possible but Radzen will undo all the edits. Thereafter the entire solution was deleted, Radzen project was also deleted. The original solution restored with a backup and the Radzen project was imported from the restored solution folder. When Radzen is re-started, the application will work irregardless of the browser, and without Reload at the bottom, but the theme will be default even though it is set to MaterialDark in settings.

Most of the Radzen demos will still work, however BlazorCRMWasm will hang with a green screen showing just Loading... and with a Reload at the bottom. When the entire folder was deleted and restored with the original Github backup (no NuGet update), we will be able to login as usual (after deleting FirstName, LastName and Picture in SSMS) but a Reload will remain at the bottom, irregardless if the browser was Edge or Brave.

The figure below shows a blazor.webassembly.js error in Edge or Chrome (original BlazorCRMWasm project with no NuGet updates). The same error appeared in all Pages. This project was actually working fine before, even with NuGet updates. For some reason, after updating the AspNetCore.OData package, attempting to correct the errors by inserting new Using statements in the controllers, and then erasing the entire folder and restoring it from backup, something was changed, even though the source code is the same. The issue does not arise with Non-WASM projects.