Blazor WebAssembly hosted Prerendering

Hi, I'm building a Blazor WASM hosted website and use WASM prerendering, I followed the steps on this site Prerender and integrate ASP.NET Core Razor components | Microsoft Docs and it worked, but when I was dealing with components like Dialog and Notification, I had to reference Radzen.Blazor project in both server-side and client-side project, and register DialogService and NotificationService in both projects, just wondering is that necessary or did I do something wrong?

server-side Program.cs

client-side Program.cs

Why was that required?

Sorry for confusion, I referenced Radzen.Blazor in client-side project, and server-side project referenced client-side.
I understand WASM prerendering makes server prerender components in advance so it's neccssary to reference Radzen.Blazor in server-side project, but I can't figure out why does client-side project also has to reference Radzen.Blazor since server-side already prerender the components.

You can't even compile your wasm project if you don't reference Radzen.Blazor.dll. The Blazor compiler won't know what the RadzenXXX tags mean.

It makes sense, I forgot I was working on Blazor WASM hosted instead of Blazor Server, thanks a lot!