Blazor vs. Angular

Hi I'm a longtime developer, but I've never dipped my toes into the world of Angular or Blazor before. I just finished the tutorial and really like what I'm seeing with Radzen. My question is this. What are the pros and cons of Blazor vs. Angular and for someone who is new to either, is there are recommendation on which to use going forward using the Radzen platform?

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Hi @kgordon,

Our experience shows that developers find Blazor a lot easier to grasp. The ability to use c# for all code is hard do beat!

Thanks! I'll give it a go

Don't know if you can help me out. I had to switch computers for the trial of Radzen, but now I am only able to use the community edition. How can I get the trial to continue on my new computer?

Hi Kevin,

I replied to your email.

Thanks so much for your help and quick response. It's really appreciated.

I also have no prior exposure to Angular or Blazor. I have mostly created webforms websites. I have always disliked curly brace languages and thus C# and javascript. Korchev mentions here that devs seem to adapt better to radzen blazor than to radzen angular. Could you explain that a bit?

I compared the source code for the angular and blazor datagrids here on the radzen site. They are wildly different...the blazor code is very compact, the angular code is very verbose; maybe entirely javascript? Are they really parallel to each other?

The comparing the source code for the two TemplateForm pages is even more interesting. The angular version is long and again appears to be entirely javascript. The blazor code is html and I'd guess the @code segments is the start of the C# section.

Even with my dislike of C# I'd take the blazor code any day of the week. But do either of these examples involve any hand coding or were they entirely generated via the Radzen GUI? Are there any examples on the site that show angular components that include C# or VB custom code?

At this time, the angular components look to be more numerous than the blazor components, except for the validation controls (which are important). Are the blazor controls from Radzen, or from Microsoft? Both sets of controls cover a lot of ground but are not as robust as the component suites offered by DevExpress and Telerik etc. For angular I think Radzen uses some of the the components from PrimeNG. Will other PrimeNG controls make it into Radzen over time?

Hi @pepper,

ASP.NET developers just find Blazor a lot more familiar than Angular. If you don't have experience with either then Blazor is highly recommended.

Radzen provides its own set of Blazor components (Microsoft ship only the basic HTML input elements - texarea, input, checkbox, select etc.).

A lot of examples are available in the Radzen documentation so I recommend checking it.

For angular I think Radzen uses some of the the components from PrimeNG. Will other PrimeNG controls make it into Radzen over time?

Yes some of the Angular components are from PrimeNG. We don't plan to add more of them though. It is possible to use any third party component in a Radzen application.

Do the components differ when using Angular or Blazor, or they all will have same properties? Eg grid properties, are they same accross.
Then another query..How do you declare a global variable to be used in the entire application?