Blazor - too many redirects

Hey guys, I'm experimenting by building some of my LightSwitch app in Radzen Blazor. Am using the latest versions of Net Core & Radzen, with a SQL Server 2012 backend. Normally the app opens to a 13 column data grid. I've got the apps start page set to this in Radzen, but when I run the app in Radzen, I get a 'ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS' error in both Chrome & IE.

Now if I set the start page to a different page, the app starts fine, and if I then navigate to the 13 column data grid page there are no issues. But, as soon as I set the start page back to the 13 column data grid page and restart, the issue returns. Any thoughts?


Hi Stephen,

We’ve never seen such error before. Please zip the app and send it to us at