Blazor Server, Radzen Chart Tooltips

Good day,

I am having some trouble with my Radzen Charts. I'm guessing that I have something misconfigured, but I have been unable to determine what it is.

If I render a Chart, the chart appears on the page correctly. However, if I mouse over the Series in the Chart, the page immediately locks. There's no Javascript exception, nor C# exception, to explain what is happening. The page simply stop responding.

Taking a cue from the Radzen Scheduler requiring the DialogService and NotificationService, I went ahead and registered the TooltipService in my application, and even added a RadzenTooltip element in my MainLayout.razor file. Sadly, the behavior remains.

Lastly, if I use RadzenChartTooltipOptions Visible="false", the behavior disappears (though, of course, no tooltips appear, either), making me think that it's something in the rendering of the tooltip, but I am unable to determine exactly what.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @lassanter,

You can check this thread: Pie Chart Tool Tip Problem

Make sure the data you are supplying to the chart does not change.

Looks like my problem was very similar. I'm new to Blazor and Radzen, and was not aware that the control was being regenerated, and every time it went to get the Data property, my code was generating a new set of objects, rather than generating them once and storing them for later use. Thanks!