Blazor RadzenTabs stopped working after 2.2.6 update

This is to report a possible regression after Radzon Blazor 2.2.5.

Starting with v2.2.6 the RadzenTabs control stopped working, that is, the selected tab cannot be changed from the initial tab0. Also, after attempting to change a tab selection the UI seems to hang. Reverting back to 2.2.5 solves the problem.

This behavior is in all Radzen.Blazor versions after 2.2.5 - including the latest - 2.3.1

The browser is....
Microsoft Edge 44.18362.449.0
Microsoft EdgeHTML 18.18363

Under Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2019 Preview
Version 16.5.0 Preview 5.0


Can you post your tab declaration? Works normally on our demo:

Here is an example of Non-working tabs ...

<RadzenTabs @ref="playTabs" SelectedIndex="@sti" Change="@((i) => sti = i)">

Tab 1

Tab 2

Tab 3

All of my tabs follow the same pattern.


Radzen.Blazor 2.3.2 was just published with fix included.

Yes!!!! Everything works fine (again) with the 2.3.2 update.

Thank you for you quick and effective response. Your customer support is excellent!