Blazor /radzen

I have installed the NorthWind SQL DB , copied the NorthwindBlazor solution from the radzen-master zip file to my PC and added it into radzen. Here is the result when I click "run":

radzen: Generating code ...
radzen: Code generation done in 402ms.
dotnet: Specify which project file to use because XXXXXXXXXXXXXX\repos\radzen-master\NorthwindBlazor\server contains more than one project file.

You used this demo? I'll will updated it since it is very old - you can delete server folder and run again from Radzen to fix this error.

Example just updated to .NET Core Preview 6 and latest Radzen.Blazor.

Still the same error in radzen.
In Visual Studio prev. I get this:


You need latest Radzen (2.18.6), .NET Core Preview 6 and latest Visual Studio 2019 Preview

Yes I have got Radzen 2.18.6 and I belive my VS is up to date

Can you post a screenshot of the project folder structure? Is it similar to this:

Looks identical - unfortunately I'm out of ideas. Try to create new Blazor application in Radzen, add new MSSQL data-source connected to Northwind database and try to run it.

I have done that and it works fine

Can you open and run the generated project from Visual Studio?

Error in VS, but it runs fine from radzen
C:\Users\xxxxxx\OneDrive\repos\NTour\meta\ : error : Configuring IIS Express failed with the following error:

Filename: \?\C:\Users\xxxx\OneDrive\repos\NTour.vs\NTour\config\applicationhost.config
Error: Cannot write configuration file

applicationhost.config is probably read only. You can also change from Visual Studio to start directly the project instead IIS Express