Blazor profile menu


Radzen 2.60.3.

I have a layout onto which I add a Profile Menu. The application is setup to use Active Directory authentication. I change the text on the profile menu default item from "Logout" to "Sign out". Running the application and then clicking on "Sign out" has no effect.

If I check the generated C# code, it seems to still have "Logout" on the condition?

I've tried adding a click event handler onto the Profile Menu as I have done in other Radzen Angular applications but, this doesn't seem to execute


I've tried both event.Text and event.Value but, neither seems to work.

Is there anything I'm overlooking?


Hi @markb,

We aren't sure why this isn't working and cannot tell what the problem is without seeing the actual code. You can send your application to - just remove any bin and obj directories to keep the file size within our mail server limit.