Blazor Pie Chart - Bug with one data item

With Blazor Pie Charts, the chart becomes invisible when only one non-zero data item is present in the bound collection.

Example from the Demo site. Reduce data items to:

DataItem[] revenue = new DataItem[] {
    new DataItem
        Quarter = "Q1",
        Revenue = 30000
    new DataItem
        Quarter = "Q2",
        Revenue = 0

Results in:

Hi @AndySmith,

Thank you for reporting this issue. We will investigate and release a fix with the next version.

After this week's update, things are different but still not quite right. A direct clone of the demo site, no changes this time, gives this:

The second category is now invisible, even with all data items having a value.

We will address that issue with the next Radzen version.

If all data series values are zero, the graph is not displayed at all and the page does not respond to user actions.
There are no errors in the console.
How to display a graph with zero values?

Hi @fr_geshock,

We will try to address that with the next Radzen.Blazor version.

We just released the fix. Have in mind that series with 0 value will still not display. The page should no longer be unresponsive though.

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