Blazor .NET 8

Blazor in .NET 8 is going allow us to use a single component model to handle all web UI rendering (server-side, client-side).

Is this new offering going to be on the horizon sometime for RBS do you think?

Since Radzen Blazor components are standard Blazor components you will be able to use them in all render strategies of the application/framework. Even now our demos, which are WebAssembly, are server pre-rendered. Radzen Blazor Studio will continue to use and support standard templates available by default from Microsoft.

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Hi @ccre-support,

Can you actually elaborate on what you expect from RBS regarding .NET 8?

At the moment you have Blazor WASM, Blazor Server. With .NET 8 there's going to be a new version released.

I guess I'm hoping that at some point in the future you'll be able to incorporate the new Blazor 'FullStack' as part of you code generation offerings.

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edited link to latest: ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 8 Preview 5 - .NET Blog

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We will update the new application templates in Radzen Blazor Studio where needed to support this new project model.

According to the blog post this feature is not complete yet - for example only Blazor Server is supported at the moment. This is why we will wait for the official release.

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Of course - just happy for you guys to have it on your radar so to speak :slight_smile:

Hello, I have a problem with .NET 8. I converted my application that I use in Radzen in Blazor Server. All the interfaces are good, and the display method with CSS is also good. The only problem is that the button doesn't respond, and there is no filtering in the grid. Whenever I click on something, there is no response. I don't know, maybe I need to put certain settings, or I have to wait for updates on the .NET 8 platform.

In this example, I clicked the button, but there was no interaction in the code.

thank you.

There is a setting called interactivity type in .NET 8 that is static by default and prevents any Blazor component to be interactive, respond to events, etc. This is generally enabled for the framework and not limited to Radzen Blazor components.

thank you, for the example yes I forgot to add the attribute, but in my project I have an error message, I have @attribute [RenderModeInteractiveServer].

I think it's something other than Radzen, sorry