Blazor Int? vs Int build error

I'm a new user using Radzen version 2.14.1. When generating code for a Blazor application I receive an Int? vs Int error during the build. I can fix it in the resulting code and run it, however, it's inconvenient as Radzen overwrites them when changes are made, as appropriate. Is there a fix for this issue?

dotnet: Pages\Lessons.cshtml.designer.cs(86,90): error CS1503: Argument 2: cannot convert from 'int?' to 'int' [C:\Work\Code\Radzen\BibleStudyWorks\client\BiblestudyWorks.App.csproj]

dotnet: Pages\Lessons.cshtml.designer.cs(86,100): error CS1503: Argument 3: cannot convert from 'int?' to 'int' [C:\Work\Code\Radzen\BibleStudyWorks\client\BiblestudyWorks.App.csproj]
Pages\Lessons.cshtml.designer.cs(89,67): error CS0428: Cannot convert method group 'Count' to non-delegate type 'int'. Did you intend to invoke the method? [C:\Work\Code\Radzen\BibleStudyWorks\client\BiblestudyWorks.App.csproj]

Here's an image with the values I changed to fix the issue. I changed both the Int? to Int.

This sounds like a bug in our code generator, we will do our best to provide fix next week.

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