Blazor HTTPS

Does design-time self signed cert work in Blazor Apps at this point? I don't see the checkbox on App Settings page and I get errors when I run after setting "https": true in app.json.


This setting is valid for Angular applications only, Blazor applications are using directly app.UseHttpsRedirection();
More info:

Thanks for your reply. My data service OAuth requires an https callback URL and the site doesn't appear to listen to https with the redirection method. Hopefully there's a way to run in dev with proper https. I'll have to read up on that. Thanks again.

...wait there's no way to change the OAuth redirect_url in RadZen so it'll always be http, Correct?

Hi @joshbooker,

We will check if we can enable the option for Blazor applications as well. I’ll post here when we have more info.

Hi @joshbooker,

The feature will be added in our next release early next week:

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