Blazor Email

Is there a Blazor example of Send an email with Angular, .NET Core and Radzen by chance?

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The code for sending the mail is exactly the same, the rest is just a TextBoxes, TextArea and a Button that will execute the custom method.

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Hallo enchev,

it doesn't work for Blazor in the same way like for Angular.

Like in this description it's indeed possible to create and call methods by the use of the "partial class PageComponent". I have to restart Radzen IDE at least one time to could select the own method.

But kest874's link with the Angular solution works by "Execute JavaScript" which is not available for a Blazor-Project.

Also in this similar thread was used an global Controller-Class and "Invoke Custom Method" which is also missing for Blazor.

So is it also possible to invoke an controller method too in a Blazor-Project?

Thanks for reply.

PS: It's pretty nice to see how fast there are updates and fixes for the Radzen IDE. Thanks a lot!

Custom methods in Blazor are defined in page partial class. Execute JavaScript is called Execute in Blazor. I strongly recommend you to check our documentation for reference:

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Hi enchev,

I already know this documentation, but thanks anyway.

My point of reply was that the answer "works exactly by the same like this angular example" is not correct, because the behaviour in Blazor-Project works different.

However, yes it works also with customers invoke methods in component classes (maybe an IDE restart is nessesary).