Blazor DropDown items Color

I am new to front-end and Radzen and I need to change the colors of the DropDown items - "High", "Medium" and "Low"
to red, orange and green respectively.
As far as I understand I should be using Template for this. In the examples that I've seen you used @data.Quantity, and span does not seem to work with the dropdown. Can you please help?

Just to be clear, here's my best attempt:

Not sure why is not working for you - here is what I've tried:

hey @enchev, thanks for your response. Indeed it works. I lost connection with the database and this is what was causing the issues and got me frustrated. thanks again for your help.

Sorry if I am asking a stupid question, but is there a way to save this template so that I could call it in other parts of my application? or Templates cannot be saved and re-used? Thank you.