Blazor Datagrid paging & number of rows shown

Hello all,

I have a page where i have a Radzen Blazor datagrid that shows data, and paging is enabled.
This works just fine, but i'd like to improve things a tiny bit.
I want to force the showing of the paging controls regardless if more than 1 page is available or not.
I also want the grid to show blank rows up until the value of rows given in pagesize.

I have considered using a generic list of 'records" instead of the database connection, but some of the fields in the records are integers and would not show up as blanks that way.

I've considered setting a fixed height using the style attribute for the datagrid but that looks bad too.

I wonder if someone has done something like this already and if willing to share here..

Kind Regards,

Hi @MCaspers,

At the moment the page is shown only when its Count property is larger than PageSize.

The only way to show empty rows is to manually append them and use an object collection instead of IQueryable.

Hi @korhev,

Thanks for your quick reply, i was already using an ILIST as datasource using the Data="@" parameter because the data is coming from a text file that i'm parsing before handing it off to the datagrid.

So basically i should add a bunch of empty items on the list to ensure that there are always at least up to page size items in the list regardless of how many valid items there exist in the list.
And i should also add a special bool to indicate that it's supposed to be a blank value rather than an "empty" valid one, so i can show a blank string instead of a 0 in case it's an integer field.

Of course, doable, but not so nice..