Blazor Components: How to set Popup/Tooltips

Hi, how to specify Tooltip text for Radzen Blazor components (the longer text that pops-up when the user hovers the mouse over the control)? Thank you, Leon

You can set title attribute

Great thank you - works (but see image attached, for some reason the popup is far away from the button/mouse ... of to the right somewhere, let me know if that can be changed?

Also, I noted on your website that you provide consulting - do you provide development outsourcing/outstaffing?

Thanks again!

I am in the early stages of a new project using Blazor, see our site:
I can be reached at LeonGorbat At outlook DOT com (that's how I registered on radzen) or Leon.Gorbaty AT standards-core DOT com.


No, we don't provide consulting services. More info about Radzen pricing and support options can be found here:

Thank you; last question for today: Is source code available to all of the components with support options pricing?

No, components source code is not available.