Blazor Client Save Datagrid Setting Call back Loop


I have found if you have a datagrid column with a dropdown filter and you are saving the datagrid setting you end up in a state has changed call back loop.

Fitters with bools, dates seem to be fine.

I will try to do more investigation.

Found in version 4.1.8

I was able to reproduce and fix this issue! The fix will be part of our next update early next week.

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That is awesome! Thanks for picking this up so quickly

Has this been fixed yet? This issue is still present in 4.2.0

Yes, it was fixed. I've combined these two examples to test and I don't see any loop:


I have the same problem if I add In-Line Editing like here : Blazor DataGrid inline editing ( In 4.2.1

Hi @Alexandre,

Not sure how inline editing is related to save/load settings. Row related state is not saved/loaded.

I just want to save my datagrid settings and be able to edit row but i don't care about saving/loading row editing state.
When I add inline editing and settings, I get a state has changed call back loop.

So you mean that i can't get inline editing and saving/loading settings at same time?