Blazor - bug or user error

I have been trying simple things with Blazor. I am thinking it might be a better fit for me. I am used to writing server side code and not typescript.

Anyway I have a simple button and I want it to load a simple bit of text into a label. I wrote the code in C# and then validated that code in a code converter from Telrik. It is set to run in the Button Click event.

When I run the code I get an error that .text is not a property of label. When I check the code in Visual Studio text is in fact a property of label.

Here is the error message form the Output window:

dotnet: Pages\Home.cshtml.designer.cs(36,8): error CS1061: 'RadzenLabel' does not contain a definition for 'text' and no accessible extension method 'text' accepting a first argument of type 'RadzenLabel' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) [D:\jkwrp\Documents\RadZen\BlazorTestApp\client\BlazorTest.App.csproj]


dotnet: The build failed. Please fix the build errors and run again.

Here is an image of the code:

Hi @John_Willems,

The RadzenLabel component doesn't have a text property hence the compilation error. In order to set the Text of a Label component you should data-bind it to a page property. The steps are similar to the ones listed in our documentation.

I am attaching a sample Radzen Blazor application which shows the same:

By the way it looks that Microsoft will not be shipping Visual Basic support with Blazor in the official release. If Visual Basic support is important to you I recommend using the Angular application type. We are working on built-in support for custom server-side method invocation which will eliminate the need to write TypeScript

The answer is User Error.

I will look over the sample you sent. Thanks for giving it to me.

I will look forward to the added support for VB. I was hoping the next version of Core would support it. Back to learning Angular and/or C#. I can't believe I even said that...