Blazor Authorization

just downloaded RadZen and can't get past the login when adding Identity authentication ("Default" provider).

The steps I took were:
1- Create my application
2- Connected to a new DB
3- Created Sample Schema
4- Ran the project, everything worked.
5- Added "Default" security
6- Signed up
7- Logged in and always get the login page back.

When debugging SecurityService.cs, public bool IsAuthenticated() always returns false.
but the LoginController and this line:
var result = await signInManager.PasswordSignInAsync(userName, password, false, false);
get called on every login attempt

Any ideas I could try?

I really like your product and I want it to work, GREAT IDEA!

Hi @gtejeda,

You can try logging in with the default account admin/admin. More information about Radzen's security can be found here.