Blazor app not showing added records

I created a Blazor app with Radzen using the RadzenRentacar database on MS SQL Server.

When I run the app and add a new Category, after clicking Save, the new record does not appear automatically in the grid. I have to reload the page to see it. If I generate an Angular app instead, new records appear in the grid right away without reloading the page.

Also, I've noticed that the Angular symbol appears in the title of the web page, even though it is a Blazor app. This should be changed to the Blazor symbol.

Thanks for the report, @AlanD! Both problems will be corrected in the upcoming release (before the end of the week).

Hi Alan,

We’ve just released Radzen update and this issue should be fixed!

Best Regards,

Thanks for the update. The records in the Blazor grid are now getting refreshed automatically!

The Angular symbol is still showing in the browser window tab though, but that is a minor issue.


You can delete C:\Temp\server\wwwroot\favicon.ico, Radzen will not copy the new one if the icon is already there.