Blank page when Gmail Email Confirmation is enabled

Whenever I try to use the gmail SMTP server for the email confirmation feature, it causes my build to not load in browser, after that, even if I remove the gmail smtp server from Radzen the problem keeps happening till I return to an older backup. I have been having these issues of my page going blank seemingly at random, but the email one seems to be one of the most consistent. At this point I have tried to use the email confirmation feature about 5 times, and only a single time has it gone through without an error.

The C# debugger seems to show no errors, and the developer console on chrome and firefox simply seems to fail to run. I have no custom client modules, and even when I delete the client and server folders this error seems to keep happening.

Ok, so to futher illustrate the issue I am having even more, I uploaded the videos of me having the issue to youtube:
Before adding email verification everything works fine and builds:

After adding it this issue suddenly shows up:

I just tried with a new Radzen application. Enabled email confirmation and used Google SMTP. Other than Goggle rejecting the login attempt when I tried to register everything was fine. The application displayed successfully the login screen.

Is there anything you could consider that would cause this issue? How can it build normally but as soon as I turn that on it does that?

You can diff the generated code - before and after enabling confirmation. Also remove any custom code to see if this would make a difference.

Ok so... just tried it with just the meta folder:

No client folder, or server folder, just the meta files running the project.

Unfortunately we cannot reproduce this issue at our side. My last suggestion is to check the access of the Login page. If it doesn't allow anonymous users you will end up with an endless redirect loop.

Ok, so indeed that was the issue, I don't know why though, I have never changed that setting in my starter page, since I began using radzen, but this issue has come back multiple times. It seems something elsewhere on Radzen changes the setting from "Everybody" to "Autheticated" randomly without any specific reason at all.

Small suggestion: Maybe if a page is set as the Login page give a warning to the user if he tries to set it to authenticated access? I never would have checked that setting, and would probably pass over it.

Did you rename the Login page? By default Radzen makes all pages to require "Authenticated" access except the Login page.

Yes I did, mostly to put the login form and the registration form all on my starter page so, some news and text can be shown easier.

What causes Radzen to go back to all pages requiring Authenticate? Last friday this happened, all my pages that had admin permissions to enter, all the ones that were public, and everything except the starter page changed to authenticated. Now I am going through every page changing the permissions to appropriate... what causes Radzen to suddenly set these permissions again?

The page access is set in two cases:

  • When security is enabled (if you disable it and then enable it - it would happen again)
  • If you scaffold pages from a database and overwrite the existing ones

Ok so this is happening to me outside those two cases:
My theory right now is it is happening whenever I open the project I am working on Linux Mint on Windows.