Binding text box No element is currently associated with component

I feel so stupid asking this but I cannot figure it out.
I create a page variable from a model and then bind a text box value to one of the fields. When the page loads at run time I get "No element is currently associated with component" error. What am I doing wrong?

Hi @simon,

I’m not sure from the screenshot however it’s seems that the TextBox Value is not set to a binding expression. Should look like this: ${myProperty}

Yes, that was a screenshot taken during selecting the bind value. The result was this...

Having the Value property bound causes the "No element is currently associated with component" error at runtime.

I’m afraid that I don’t know how to reproduce such exception. You can send us an example application where we can debug the problem.

I built a new project and it seems that I cannot replicate the issue either. I'll let you know if I get the bottom of this.

I discovered that the page was rendering before the page load code was executed. Setting the textbox visibility to be conditional on the Student object being not null is my current work around. Please let me know if there is a better way to manage this.

A quick update in case it is useful to anyone else...
The key issue is that the rendering occurs before the load completes in a high latency environment. It is not a problem with Radzen as far as I can tell but is a problem with Blazor WASM that you have to code around.
Here is a helpful guide for WASM best practice ASP.NET Core Blazor WebAssembly performance best practices | Microsoft Docs