Binding Grid to ExpandoObject Isn't working


I am new to Blazor and Radzen components, I would like to get some help use dynamic object to bind to RadzenGrid. I followed the samples and documentation, not getting the desired result.

Here is the code sample.

Results Image

Appreciate any help or advise.

Hi @smandsw,

Unfortunately this is not supported at the moment.

Thanks @enchev, Is this something that could be in short term roadmap? Appreciate if you could suggest any work around.

Check this thread:

I've just pushed new example with DataGrid bound to dynamic data (IEnumerable<IDictionary<string, dynamic>>):

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Perfect. Thank you @enchev

HI @enchev

Would you be able to show this example for an editable grid ?

Thanks a lot

Hi @enchev

Appreciate if you could provide guidance on making grid editable using dynamic object ..


Hey @smandsw,

You can declare EditTemplate in similar way. Check this example for more info:

Hi @enchev

I tried to replicate the logic from the sample inline edit, but i get unhandled error. If you could help I greatly appreciate it..

You can download the visual studio solution here. It has only one page = Test.razor

Hey @smandsw,

We provide dedicated support for Radzen customers only. The options are listed here:

@enchev Sure will do, but before we do that we want to make sure the Radzen framework support this important feature, so if you could provide the solution as pre-sales support that would help me with this proof of concept to show my management for budget approval. Appreciate it..

@smandsw we provide pre-sales support only after prior formal agreement. The Radzen.Blazor components are open source and you can easily attach the source project to your application to see what the source of this "unhandled error" is.

Thanks, I was able to figure it out using your suggestions.

I am creating dynamic Grid. The link is not working can you re-share it, So that I can refer your code.