Binding error while using pie-chart

When I use the pie-chart I always get an error on pageload:
def.bindings[def.bindingIndex] is undefined

Funny enough the chart seems to work fine, is this currently a bug?

This is not something we know. On this demo there are no errors:

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Thanks, I will compare this with my configuration.

I just created a new project, linked it to my local Northwind-db, read out the orders table, set the value property to freight and the categoryproperty to customerid aaaaand same error, strange.

Hmm .. something is not right. I've received an exception as well however in my case:

I'll check what's going on and will update the thread.

Yes, I can reproduce in Chrome, my first screenshot was made in Firefox.

Fixed! The fix will be part of our release early next week.

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